Height: 5’ 11’’                                                                                                                    JLA Talent

Weight: 170 lbs.                                                                                                Tel. 310.276.5677

Hair: Black                                                                                              

Eyes: Brown                                                                                                  



Real Steal                                                   Supporting                                     Dreamworks / Dir. Shawn Levy

The Midnighters                                             Lead                                                   Dir. Julian Fort

The Wiffler                                                Supporting                                     Dir. Tommy Reid

Night At The Museum II                            Supporting                                        FOX / Dir. Shawn Levy

Astoria                                                       Lead                                              Dir. Nick Efteriades    

Violation                                                    Lead                                              Showtime



Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street     Recurring                                           AMAZON/ SR. David Anaxagoras

Terriers                                                      Guest Star                                      FX / Dir. Adam Arkin

Medium                                                     Guest Star                                      CBS / Dir. Aaron Lipstadt                                                

N.C.I.S: Los Angeles                                  Guest Star                                      CBS / Dir. Paris Barclay

NUMB3RS                                                 Guest Star                                      CBS / Dir. Rod Holcomb

Notes From The Underbelly                       Recurring Guest Star                      ABC / Dir. Joanna Kearns

FilmFakers                                                 Series Regular                                AMC

Law & Order: SVU                                    Recurring                                       NBC

High Life                                                   Recurring                                       HBO

Third Watch                                               Guest Star                                      NBC

The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show               Ensemble                                       FBC

Starglitz                                                     Lead                                              PBS



Sight Unseen                                                  Jonathan Waxman                     South Coast Rep

Richard III                                                      Richard III                                Sacred Fools Theater

Baal                                                           Baal                                               Sacred Fools Theater

The Last Night of Ballyhoo                        Joe                                                 La Mirada Theater

Tall Grass Gothic                                       Tin                                                 Sacred Fools Theater

Second Coming                                         Orlando                                         Westbeth

After the Rain                                            Gary                                              Theatre Four (Off-Broadway)

Oedipus Rex                                              Creon                                             Metropolitan Museum

The Brothers Karamazov                           Dimitri                                           The Cultural Project

Empire Gas                                                John                                               Bank Street Theatre

Troilus and Cressida                                   Achilles                                          American Studio Theatre

Killing Time                                              Guy                                               The Lark Theatre

Shoestring Paradise                                    Robert                                            Cap 21

Hot Keyes                                                  Morgan                                          PS 122; Dir. Jeff Weiss

Shadow in the Sun                                     Franz                                             Neighborhood Playhouse

Machinal                                                    Harry Smith                                   Two River Theatre

Romeo and Juliet                                       Tybalt                                            Three Rivers Shakespeare Fest.

The Glass Menagerie                                  Tom Wingfield                              Carnegie Mellon University

Elektra                                                       Oretes/Clytemnestra                      Carnegie Mellon University



Carnegie Mellon University

Lesly Kahn


Accents/Dialects: Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Israeli, British, Southern, Brooklyn, Spanish, Greek, etc…